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CV translation

Translating the CV to French or another language? We take care of the translation of your CV and a cover letter, while keeping keep in mind all rules of various languages. For example, did you know that it is mandatory to include the date in a different format in the Dutch language than for example in English? These are the details that matter greatly when translating a CV or cover letter.

Translate CV to French, Spanish, or German

We can translate the CV to French, Spanish, GermanItalian or another language. Applying for a job abroad or sending an international CV to indicate your ambitions? In various situations, it is worth the trouble to have a CV translated to French and then make use of it after finding a perfect job opening.

We can translate your CV for you with our online CV translation services, as well as your cover letter. Our broad network of translators has a lot of experience translating both the CVs and the letters, so that we can translate them for you to French, SpanishGerman, and Italian. We also have experience with translations to less common languages, hence you can come to us for those as well.

Have a CV translated

Want to have your CV translated and to be sure that it meets all requirements as it should? You can have the CV translated to French, convert the CV into German, and ensure to make a good impression with a flawless CV. Whatever your preference may be, we guarantee that you can apply and that our translation will greatly  increase your chances of getting a job abroad

Translation agency for CVs and cover letters

We are an online translation agency specialized in CVs and cover letters. Looking for a job abroad? Or, maybe you want to take an internship abroad or study at a foreign university? We can translate your CV and the cover letter so that you can make a good impression and won't be rejected based on your language skills.

Want to know more about translating your CV, the cover letter or motivation letter that you want to submit? Have a look at all translation services on our online translation agency website or contact us and we will gladly tell you more about our working methods and the competitive rates we offer.

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