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Medical translations

Medical translations to FrenchSpanishGerman, or another language? We have experience with various languages and thanks to native speakers with a medical background you can count on an excellent translation.

As a medical translation agency, we can be of service to you with translation services within all medical fields. For example, you could think of medical devices, clinical research, regulatory affairs, and animal health. This way, we are making sure that the medical translation is in great hands with us. The translation is offered in accordance with the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 norms, so that you can count on the highest quality.

Translate a medical record

Translating a medical record or would you like other documents translated? We combine the medical expertise with linguistic skills. Moreover, after carrying out a specialized translation, we ensure for a medical revisor to have another look at the texts. This is how we provide a medical or scientific translation of the documents. A translation back to the source language will yield the exactly same content, so that no important information or data is lost. Rather, we are good at providing high-quality medical translations and making sure that the content is conveyed as desired in the target language.

A medical translator with experience

We work with medical translators with extensive experience. This means that they have completed an excellent education. A good medical translation requires an obvious background in the medical world. This allows the translator to be well aware of the common terminology and to be able to understand the interrelationship of the content. It makes the ideal basis for providing an excellent medical translation. The result is the conversion of medical documents to, for example, FrenchSpanish or German. Of course, we can also translate the medical records or other documents to other target languages.

Hire a medical translation agency

Looking to hire a medical translation agency online and therefore ensure to have the medical documents translated? We can be of service to you with transboundary medical cases or domestic medical cases, whereby not everyone speaks the same language. Whatever your needs may be, with our online medical translation services we will make sure that it is possible to neatly convert the content to the target language of your preference.

Want to receive more information about our medical translation services or are you curious how, as a medical translation agency, we make sure that you can count on nothing but the best quality? Contact us and we will gladly explain, or go directly to our online translation agency website.

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