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Sworn translation

Need a sworn translation? That is a translation by a translator who has been sworn by a court. It means that the court indicates that a translator is capable of creating proper translations in certain language combinations. Among others, this is important when it comes to the translation of official documents, as such translation must meet a number of requirements.

Sworn translation to Dutch or German

Do you need a sworn translation in German or perheps in Dutch? In particular in recent years we increasingly need more translations in German and people are even looking for translations to Dutch more and more. These translations are supposed to meet strict conditions to be used with the official authorities. Thanks to a sworn translation, it is possible to meet all criteria and to use the translation in the way it is meant. We advise you to indicate in an order if you need a sworn translation. This way, the translators can keep this in mind in advance.

Have a sworn translation work done

Are you specifically looking for a sworn translation? The costs for this may be a little bit higher than for a regular translation. The reason is that there are additional requirements for a sworn translation and fewer translators are available to help you with this. On the other hand, you have an option to make use of it in the official way. Hence, when it comes to that, it is worth the effort to have a good look at the sworn translation, provided you need it for certain authorities, of course.

Costs of a sworn translation

Curious about the costs of a sworn translation? You have an option to request such a translation online and to purchase it. The costs for this are usually not too high. That is the result of the wide network of translators that we can be of service to you with. It means that you pay a competitive rate for a sworn translation of a high quality.

Want to immediately request a sworn translation or place an order or you curious about the costs? You can request your sworn translation online on TranslateMarket, so you can receive it in the short term.

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