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Proofreading & Editing

Want to make use of proofreading or editing for a translation? Especially when it comes to official documents, it is worth your while to have another good look at it. This way, it is possible to remove any imperfections. Translators are to convert the text from the source language to the target language. At the same time they will pay attention to spelling, but mistakes can happen. Proofreading and editing will then be the solution.

Have text proofread

Want to make use of proofreading? It is a service with which we make sure that the text that you had us translate can be thoroughly looked over once more. This happens by a native speaker in the target language. It means that the reader is fully aware of the spelling, grammar and the nuances of the local people in the text. This way, after proofreading the text, you can count on a correct document that you can easily put to use, for example as an official text.

Have text edited

Do you also want to have your text edited, for example because you know it is not fully correct when it comes to grammar or spelling? In that case it is a good idea to make use of editing. Optionally in addition to proofreading, so that you can have the text be thoroughly checked and any mistakes will be immediately corrected. The result is once again a text that meets all requirements for spelling and grammar. Of course proofreading and editing are cheaper than the translation itself. The exact price will depend on, among others, the length of the text and the current level of quality.

Translation agency with proofreading and editing

Want to hire a translation agency for proofreading and editing? This way you can count on a native speaker who will once again have a critical look at the text and who will implement necessary changes. The result is a text that is fully correct and suitable for business, professional or official purposes. Is it about an official letter or perhaps a text for on a business website? Then it is wise to make use of proofreading and/or editing.

Want to immediately place an order online for proofreading and/or editing? Try to make it as clear as possible what needs to happen, so that the native speakers can immediately get to work.

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